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There Must Be a Better Way to Network!

Business is all about relationships. For business owners and entrepreneurs like you, positive and fruitful relationships translate into success, while negative or neglected relationships eat away at that success. And a lack of robust relationships equals no business at all. Tribemine has been created as an ecosystem wherein you can build up new and established relationships so that the ones that count become a solid foundation for your business. It's intended to be so much more than a networking platform or CRM.
bsuiness networking for small business
Who is Behind Tribemine?
greg bahlmann
Hi, I am Greg Bahlmann. I thought that I would take this opportunity to briefly explain why Tribemine exists.

I realised the importance of building relationships a long time ago but, being introverted, I found it very difficult to network like "real" business people do. Reading books didn't help, attending meetings didn't help (I just stood on the periphery and watched people mingle) and just being on LinkedIn seemed futile. I just didn't get how I was supposed to meet and build new relationships.

However, the Internet seemed to be the perfect medium to address this problem. I looked for existing solutions but could find none that worked for me. So I thought, "Why not build one? How hard could it be?"

Since 2009, I have spent my spare time learning to code and building one variant after another of a website that could help business people who, like me, find finding people to genuinely build reciprocal, robust relationships with difficult. The first few iterations were hopelessly complex and didn't amount to much. So, I persevered, much to the consternation of my wife. Finally, I have arrived at this iteration: Tribemine; the latest (and hopefully final) version.

I am no networking guru but I have spent several years researching the topic, reading as much as I can about it as well as speaking to experts in the field. These learnings have been integrated into Tribemine, along with my own unique take on what it means and what it takes to establish and build genuine business relationships. I sincerely believe that I have something to contribute to the world though Tribemine.

As an entrepreneur, You are most probably simply looking for a better way to build a long-term and sustainable business network that will be there when you need it. Using technology, I believe we can streamline this process so that virtually anyone can benefit from the incredible potential of genuine business networking.
The BIG Question: Am I Taking On LinkedIn?
No! Not yet, anyway. Tribemine is not necessarily meant to replace LinkedIn at present but it's best if used alongside it. Perhaps, in time, Tribemine will evolve into a fully-fledged LinkedIn replacement, but for now, it's intended to provide the networking systems and tools that LinkedIn lacks so that you can build and manage your network effectively.

If you are interested, you can take a look at this page in which I detail how Tribemine and LinkedIn compare and how they can be used to compliment one another.

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