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Build Your Network on Tribemine

If you want success, you must build a network. It's that simple! People who have networks achieve more, receive more opportunities and rebound from business-related disasters quicker. Why? It's simple. Because they have more people looking out for them.

This page focuses on using Tribemine to make connections and build your network on the platform. However, you can use Tribemine to manage all your network connections, no matter where they are. Click here to explore how to go about doing this.
Build Your Network on Tribemine

If you are reading this, you most probably already know the value of a business network. So why build yours on Tribemine?

  • Connect on Tribemine - Use Tribemine's powerful "handshake" system to introduce yourself to other Tribemine members and start building a powerful network in Tribemine.
  • Tribemine is a CRM (Connection Relationship Manager) - Build detailed profiles of each of your network connections along with reminders when you need to contact them again.
  • Inform Your Network - Tell your network (and your tribe too, in many cases) what you are doing and ask for help when you need it using a range of function-specific posts all operating through the main interactive stream. Quickly and easily start a conversation, post a resources (a link or information) for others to use, post some news and more. It's powerful and simple to use.
  • Built According to Networking Best-Practices - There's a right and wrong way to build your network. Tribemine is built with best-practices baked in so you can't but grow an awesome network. What's more, there are plenty of resources to guide you in finding, selecting and nurturing your business relationships. Once you start exploring everything Tribemine has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how full-featured it is.

Connections are listed and arranged according to last interaction date by default

profile pop-up
Click on a connection's image to activate a pop-up with essential info

network search and filter
Search and filter your network in numerous ways
Create Full-Featured Profiles
an example of an off-site profile
Loads of functions to manage each and very profile
timer arcs show you how long until you next have to contact your connections
Timer arcs show you how long until your next reconnection

click the match up buton to find new on-site conenctions
Click the "Match-Up" button to find new connections

links to social media for easy research
Open social media easily to research prospects and connections

Build New Relationships On Tribemine

Tribemine is the perfect place to discover valuable new connections who can add value to your network. Everyone on Tribemine is serious about networking so you stand a good chance of finding those people with whom you will "click" to form friendships, alliances and other business relationships.

  • Our Code of Conduct ensures that any member trying to use Tribemine as a place to spread bad ideas, engage in threatening behavior or to engage in uninvited sales activity will be booted out.
  • Get reminded automatically when it's time to reconnect with your connections so you can stay current with each and every connection.
  • When you want to find new connections on Tribemine simply click the "Match Up" button to open the page where you get to look for the kind of potential connections you want. No auto-connecting and having to sift through unwanted connections when you don't want to.
  • Search your connections' networks to find people you may want to be meet. You can turn this feature off if you don't want others to search your network.
  • Introduce your on-site connections to one another quickly and easily. What's more the Tribemine system will suggest other members of your network that a particular connection might be introduced to according to things that they may have in common. This will help grow and reinforce your network and your reputation.

Got Questions About Building Your Network on Tribemine?

If you are reading this, you most probably know how important building a network is, so we're not going to go into that. If not, check out this article for reasons why you should be building your network. The questions below are aimed at answering some common questions about using Tribemine as the primary location for your network records.

Is Tribemine free?

Yes, there is a free membership but it has limits on how many connections you can set up and access is denied to many of the tools. Some advertising will also be displayed to free members. After all, we have bills to pay, like everyone else.

What are the alternatives for co-ordinating your networking efforts?

There are several options for storing your records of your networking connections. Let's take a quick look at what they are.

  • Using a CRM - Although CRMs are designed for tracking customers, they function adequately for the purposes of building networking profiles - although they lack dedicated networking tools. They allow you to build up profiles and set dates when next to contact each connection, but that's about it. Many are quite expensive, but there are one or two free ones that are worth looking at if you are interested.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is great for finding new potential connections, but aside for it's messaging function it has no networking tools to speak of.
  • Spreadsheet - You can create a spreadsheet and keep it updated with information about each connection, but this solution is unwieldy and when you have more than one or two hundred records, it becomes a nightmare - especially if you are adding a lot of details about each connection.
  • Tribemine - Tribemine is the only dedicated networking-focused relationship manager available. It is easy to use, affordable and full-featured. If you are serious about networking, you should be on Tribemine.
Why use Tribemine over the alternatives?

There are many reasons to use Tribemine over the alternatives for networking, but here are the highlights.

  • Built on networking best practices - Tribemine has been built from the ground up to incorporate networking techniques that work.
  • Built-in community tools - It includes tools that make it easy to find, meet and start building relationships with others who value the potential of networking as much as you do.
  • Constrictive and Positive - Tribemine is strictly managed to ensure that it remains free from anti-social, controversial and negative behavior.
  • Affordable - Tribemine is affordable and will always be.

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