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Got Questions or Concerns? Here's the FAQ

Below are the most commonly asked questions about Tribemine. Hopefully they will clear up any uncertainty or nagging doubts you have but if you want to know anything other than what is covered here, feel free to contact us.
HOW will Tribemine help me build my business network?

Tribemine is designed to help you find the right people for your network by matching your characteristics with theirs - or those you are looking for. It then helps you stay in touch with them over time by tracking your interactions with them and reminding you when to get in touch. Finally, it allows you to explore the potential of your entire network, both inside and outside Tribemine, to nurture the relationships that you may not even have considered.

WHY do I need Tribemine?

Many people would like to network but have been unable to reach out consistently to build longstanding and useful business relationships.

Some people have a lack of time, a lack of motivation, a lack of access to networking events or tools, a lack of mobility ... or just a lack of success with previous networking efforts. Tribemine helps you find and network with others who are looking for the same thing you are. It provides the tools to find suitable connections, allows you to reach out and connect with them and then helps you nurture the relationships that ensue.

Other people have loads of connections on LinkedIn and/or friends on Facebook but still struggle to find help, advice or support when they need it. If you are such a person, Tribemine helps you distil your existing network down to a manageable number of high quality connections and then allows you to build useful relationships with each and every one of those hand-picked individuals so that next time you need help or advice, your connections will be only too happy to help.

Does Tribemine compete with LinkedIn or other online networking platforms?

No - quite the contrary, in fact. The goal with Tribemine is not to take on apps like LinkedIn but allow people to use the two platforms in a complimentary way. LinkedIn is where you will be doing a lot of your research and initial interaction, especially in the beginning. As the Tribemine community grows, you will be able to do more and more networking directly on Tribemine. Until then, however, but most users will want to create a workflow that integrates both platforms, as well as other online sites like Quora, Facebook groups, discussion boards and blogs.

How secure is the data I save on Tribemine?

Security is a primary concern for us and so we have taken as many reasonable precautions as possible to safeguard the data you entrust to us. As we grow, we will enhance our security to match that of all major online platforms. Obviously, no platform is infallible but rest assured that we take security and data integrity very seriously.

Why should I sign up now?

Yes, we are just starting out. Yes, you'll probably encounter bugs when using the site. And, yes, the community is small. BUT that's exactly why you should register. You have the opportunity to be part of something exciting on the ground level, to give feedback, to give ideas, and to help build something that can help you and your business. How many opportunities do you get to do that? You can say you were there. You also get the "Early Adopter" badge on your profile and you get the highest tier membership for free forever.

Even if you just want to look around, why not register, check the site out and let it lie dormant until Tribemine becomes more popular. Obviously, you could get so much more out of it if you actually use your membership, but that's up to you.

Imagine if it does take off, you could say that you helped it happen - and you'll have the badge to prove it!

What is the 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

It's simple - if you don't feel that Tribemine has helped build your network up in a substantial way after spending at least 20 minutes per day logged in and interacting with other members, then we'll gladly refund the amount you paid for the first month.

Conditions do apply. See our Customer Agreement for details.

Is Tribemine a CRM?

It's not a traditional Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) but rather a Connection Relationship Manager, allowing you to build and manage your connections (people who form part of your network).

Can online networking be effective ... really?

Although many people maintain that it cannot, there is huge amounts of evidence that online networking is not only effective but preferable to face-to-face networking. For example, introverts and shy people usually find networking online far easier than face-to-face, while even the most avid networker will attest to the time that must be wasted attending events in the hope of meeting a suitable candidate for their network.

However, because of the lack the face-to-face interaction when networking online, doing so comes with its own set of challenges. Tribemine has been set up to address and mitigate these challenges as much as possible and the results can be impressive. We believe that there is a place for face-to-face interaction in the "connection cycle", but its function is to solidify an existing relationship rather than to initiate one.

What is a "Tribe"?

We are the first online networking platform to use the idea of tribes. Here is what you need to know about them;

How many connections can/should I have?

The goal is not to have as many connections as possible but rather to have a high quality, engaged and involved network that is large enough to be able to provide solutions to most problems that you or others in your network may have. Although you can have more, we suggest building a network with around 150 connections. That way, you can stay in touch regularly and build up a useful profile on each one.

Why is networking so important?

Have you ever had someone you know "put in a good word for you" to get a job? Have you ever had a friend give you a discount or give you extra sauce on your burger (or whatever) because you were buying from the place they worked? Have you ever asked a friend what they thought of a product or service they bought that you were thinking of getting? Have you ever dated (or married) someone you were introduced to by a friend?

These are just some simple things that you have most probably experienced yourself - and they're all examples of networking! If you put your mind to it, you will most probably be able to recall many more situations where you were benefited because you were dealing with someone you knew and trusted and who knew and trusted you. And this was all just benefits from people you happened to know, people you met through chance or through family and friends.

So, imagine what you could achieve in business and in life if you put your mind to dedicating a small portion of each working day to finding a diversity of highly skilled and motivated people with whom you could build up relationships over time. Imagine the potential and rewards. Imagine the number of people, skills and information you would have access to through your network.

Now stop imagining and start doing!

Your network can be one of the most valuable assets you own and once you have built it. It's always there for you and it never goes away as long as you maintain it. What's more, building it costs nothing (well, pretty much nothing). It just takes some dedication and a little time and effort.

Why does networking seem such a chore?

Doing anything properly requires time and effort. If you want to become a good swimmer or pianist or trader, you need to spend time working at it. The same is true of networking.

Many people network in a half-hearted or haphazard way, leading to disappointing results. This, in turn, leads to disillusionment and to the prospective networker giving up.

Part of the problem is that many people do not fully appreciate the potential of effective networking and so can't visualise an ROI that justifies spending a lot of time and effort on networking beyond going to the odd event. Building a helpful and engaged network, however, opens so many doors that it can be the difference between the success and failure of your business (and many other aspects of life, too).

What is the secret to effective networking?

Put simply - giving. If you give of your time and knowledge selflessly, you will curry favour with those you help. In time, once you have proven that you are genuinely interested in their well-being and their success, they will begin to return the favour, often many times over. It may sound corny or unrealistic, but it's true.

What is more, almost every successful business person will attest to the fact that networking, more than virtually any other skill or ability, has laid the foundation for their success. In this day and age, networking is more important than any other part of your business if you are serious about achieving success.

What are the shortcuts to networking success?

There are no real shortcuts to networking properly. As previously stated, it takes time and effort and is a long term strategy. However, using Tribemine will help you make the most of the time you invest in building your network. It helps take the guess-work out of networking and assists in focusing your attention on what works and not what might work.

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