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tribemine.com is full of time-saving and business enhancing tools and we are constantly adding new ones and enhancing the ones that are already part of the site. Below is a list of those that are part of the system. For tools and facilities that are planned, take a look at the Coming Soon page.
Feature Description Free Premium Eite
Automated Networking Connections System matches you with other members you have something in common with, allowing you to build your network slowly and steadily*
CRM Our "Connection Relationship Manager" - a toolset to help you build up a detailed profile about your connections for members and non-members of tribemine.com.
On-site Connections Create and manage relationships with other members of tribemine.com 20 1000 Unlimited
Off-site Connections Create and manage profiles of contacts not on tribemine.com 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Match Queue More than one automatic match displayed so the member can choose who to send a handshake to.
Create and Manage Connection Groups Group connections together to manage members easier.
Broadcast Messages Connection Groups (Coming) Send messages dirctly to all members of on-site groups.
Network Newsletter (Coming) Create and send newsletters to your network within tribemine.com.
Contact List Import Upload contact list using CSV file.
Contact List Export Download your contact list as a CSV file.
Accountability Partner Make sure you achieve your goals by setting up Accountability Partnerships with other members, complete with reminders, feedback and deadlines.
Events Set up local events and have them shown to everyone in your area, whether they are in your network or not. 1/month
Challenges Let your network know about problems you are facing and see if they can help you directly, or from their network connections. And everyone earns points for helping.
Groups Create open groups relating to any subject, including hobbies, interests, locations etc. It's a great way to make new connections. 1
Private and Membership Groups Create approved membership and private groups.
Master Minds Appoint selected people in your network as "Master Minds" - knowledgeable "go-to" people for specific information or services.
Circles Create three "circles" of connections to ensure that you stay in contact with selected, high potential connections.
Go Local Be able to view and contact all members in your local area to arrange meetups and get-togethers. Another great way to extend your network.
Resources Have access to the huge list of resource links, tips and posts relating to starting, running and succeeding with your business.
Contact Anyone Ability to contact any member without being connected to them.
Preferrential Connections Matches with all members on-site, including those of equal and superior on-site reputation**.
Mentorship (Coming) Join the tribe of a mentor/thought leader to get access to their instructional and motivational media, as well as the chance to ask them for advice.
Advertising (Coming) Create ads to promote business or product/service to be displayed to free members, as well as directory visitors.
Daily Kudo Quota Kudo top-up every day. Kudos can be given to members that help strengthen your network. 5 10
Credits for Match Failure Where an automatic match fails, credits are given to allow members to seek out a discressionary match of their choosing. 1 2
Credits Limit The maximum number of credits that can be accumulated. 100 250
* You are matched according to interests, affiliations and location. If no matches can be made according to these criteria, you are matched with a random member. If no-one is available for matching, you are given a credit that can be used to initiate a connection with a member of your choice at a later time.
** Matches for all members except elite members are limited to those with the same or lower reputation. As an elite member, you will receive preferrential matches with those with equal or higher reputation, if available.
Question: How do I get to Premium and Elite membership?
You can earn a Premium membership by referring 5 friends to Trepspace, who then sign up and activate their profiles.
Elite memberships will be given to selected Premium members who have high reputations (above 85) and have worked to build active networks.

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