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Manage Your Network

If you are like most people, your network is most probably fragmented with some connections on LinkedIn, others on Facebook, still others in your Rolodex as well as those people whose only details you have are their e-mail addresses in your e-mail client inbox.

Tribemine gives you a place to put the information about all of your connections. What's more, you can build a profile on each one to enhance your relationship with them. This will help you take control of your network to stay in touch with each connection more regularly, resulting in stronger relationships and more opportunities.

While this page focuses on using Tribemine to manage your network outside the platform, that's not all you can do here. Click here to see how Tribemine can help you make more quality connections on Tribemine to really supercharge your network!
your business network consists of an on and off-site component
Your Network: 2 in 1

On Tribemine, your network is broken into two parts;

  • An Off-Site Component that includes connections you have made which are NOT members of Tribemine and are connections or friends on other online platforms (Like LinkedIn of Facebook). For Off-Site Connections, Tribemine is used as a CRM (Connection Relationship Manager), a repository where you can consolidate all the information about each connection, making it far easier to manage and build your relationship with them.
  • An On-Site Component that includes connections you have that ARE members of Tribemine. In the case of these On-Site Connections, Tribemine is used as a community portal through which to interact and support them, while you can also build up information about each one for use in your relationship building efforts.

Why do we break your network into two?
Dealing with On and Off-Site connections is very different and so Tribemine has been developed to make doing so as easy and effective as possible.

Build Your Off-Site Network on Tribemine

Tribemine offers you everything you need to consolidate your network in ONE EASY-TO-ACCESS location, no matter how or where you interact with them. We call this your "Off-Site" network as it exists outside Tribemine. Using Tribemine, you can create profiles of everyone in your network, including those from the following common sources;

  • Your LinkedIn Network - You are most probably a member of LinkedIn and you most probably have a number of connections. LinkedIn is great for finding new people to network with but has no network management tools outside a rudimentary messaging system. You can export your LinkedIn network to a spreadsheet and then simply import that spreadsheet into Tribemine. It's quick and easy and once that's done, you can start building a detailed profile for each of your LinkedIn network members.
Import Your LinkedIn Connections*
  • Facebook - Many people interact with clients, customers and/or other business people through Facebook and if you are one of them, you can build profiles on Tribemine for any or all of these connections and start tracking and nurturing your relationship with them.
Add Your Facebook Connections**
  • Business Cards - You most probably have a Rolodex or card holder (or two or three) full of business cards that you have collected over the years. Why not create a profile for the important people whose cards you have and start managing and building your relationship with each of them.
Add Your Business Card Info**
  • Other Platforms - Tribemine makes creating a powerful Off-Site profile for existing or potential network connections easy, no matter where you interact with them. It allows you to identify potentially beneficial relationships and then work to establish and cement the over time.
Add Contacts From Other Platforms**
 Your connections on LinkedIn cannot be automatically imported at preset (although it is something we hope to offer in the future). LinkedIn connections can be exported from LinkedIn in .CSV format (basically, a spreadsheet) and then directly imported into Tribemine. This feature is only available to Premium (paying) and Superuser members.
 Profiles for connections on all platforms (excluding LinkedIn) must be created manually at the moment.
search your network on Tribemine
Search For and Find Exactly Who You Are Looking For

Tribemine offers you the tools to search your networks in a myriad of ways, allowing you to not only find specific people, but to display connections with specific attributes in their profiles or that you have assigned. Here are a few ways you can search your networks;

  • By search term - Enter a first, last or business name, or a location, skill, industry, interest or keyword.
  • By last connection date - This shows you the people you need to reconnect with, from the most to the least last connection date.
  • By first letter of their last name - Can't remember someone's name, but you do remember the letter it started with? This search will display all last names that start with a specific letter.
  • By common location - This search will show connections in your country and city.
  • By connections group - Create connection groups and assign connections to it. Then, to view the entire group, simply click on its name displayed in the Search block.
And there are plenty more ways to search. We are always adding new ones.
"Supersearch" To Find What You Are Looking For ... Everywhere

The "supersearch" function allows you to search your On and Off-Site Networks, your tribe as well as certain post types (and more to come) for a word or term. What is more, the supersearch offers search "depth" that other searches don't. Supersearch is only available to Premium (paying) and Super User members.

add connections to groups
Group Your Search Results

After searching for a specific term, you can act on your search results - or part thereof - as a group. Depending on which part of your network you are managing (On or Off-Site), the functions vary. But the grouping function is most notable here, allowing you to manage and track connections collectively.

By adding a connection to one or more groups, you can stay on top of exactly who is in your network, how they can be benefited, and how what they have to offer can best be accessed. To see the members of each group, simply click on the group name in the filter block in the left-hand column of your "My CRM" or "My Network" pages. Over time, more functionality will be added to the grouping function.

Create Full-Featured Profiles
an example of an off-site profile

Loads of functions to manage each and very profile
network connections displayed in capsules
Build Relationships On and Off Tribemine

As already mentioned, you are not limited to building profiles for your connections that you meet and interact with only on Tribemine - so-called On-Site Connections. You can also manually build profiles for anyone on any other platform as well - complete with rating and classification tools.

Both On and OFF-Site connections are displayed in "capsules" on your My CRM page (for Off-Site connections) and My Network page (for On-Site connections). The capsule contains an image and the name and company of each connection. Clicking the name will take you to their profile page and clicking of their company name of an On-Site connection will open the business page of the connection.

  • Timer arcs (1 in the image) show which connections need to be contacted and when so you stay in touch regularly. Timer arcs are colored rings that curve around the profile image. Blue means that the due date has not been reached yet and red means that reconnection is overdue.
  • Quick access cards (2 in the image) allow you to access pertinent information about each connection (simply click on their image to display the card) and links to the most important functions related to managing your connection with them. No more rooting around in their profiles for their basic information.
  • Reconnection alerts will be sent to you via email when the time you have set to reconnect with your connection arrives so even when you are busy with other things, you can still build your network.
  • Ratings allow you to give your connections a rating out of 5 as to their potential for your network and their value to you as a connection.
  • The Mutual connection tool integrated into your CRM allows you to show which of your connections know one another - especially handy where you have introduced them.
  • Connection groups allow you to create groups to which your On or Off-Site connections can be assigned. This makes it easy to manage connections with common attributes or interests.

There are many more features that help you manage your networks.

Got Questions About Managing Your Network on Tribemine?

The questions below are aimed at answering some common questions about using Tribemine as the primary location for your network records.

Does Tribemine link with other platforms like LinkedIn automatically?

No. At the moment, you are required to manually add information to the profiles you create. The exception is LinkedIn where you can export your network as a CSV spreadsheet and import the most important information into Tribemine. That said, we will be working on integrating Tribemine with other platforms so that information about connections and friends can be automatically imported, if at all possible.

Can I send messages to my off-site connections through Tribemine.

No, your off-site connections are outside Tribemine, so there is direct link between their profile on Tribemine and their profile elsewhere. You can, however, send messages to connections who are also members of Tribemine.

What are the alternatives for co-ordinating your networking efforts?

There are several options for storing your records of your networking connections. Let's take a quick look at what they are.

  • Using a CRM - Although CRMs are designed for tracking customers, they function adequately for the purposes of building networking profiles - although they lack dedicated networking tools. They allow you to build up profiles and set dates when next to contact each connection, but that's about it. Many are quite expensive, but there are one or two free ones that are worth looking at if you are interested.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is great for finding new potential connections, but aside for it's messaging function it has no networking tools to speak of.
  • Spreadsheet - You can create a spreadsheet and keep it updated with information about each connection, but this solution is unwieldy and when you have more than one or two hundred records, it becomes a nightmare - especially if you are adding a lot of details about each connection.
  • Tribemine - Tribemine is the only dedicated networking-focused relationship manager available. It is easy to use, affordable and full-featured. If you are serious about networking, you should be on Tribemine.
Why use Tribemine over the alternatives?

There are many reasons to use Tribemine over the alternatives for networking, but here are the highlights.

  • Built on networking best practices - Tribemine has been built from the ground up to incorporate networking techniques that work.
  • Manage connections from anywhere - No matter where you interact with your connections, you can build a detailed profile about them on Tribemine.
  • Built-in community tools - It includes tools that make it easy to find, meet and start building relationships with others who value the potential of networking as much as you do.
  • Constrictive and Positive - Tribemine is strictly managed to ensure that it remains free from anti-social, controversial and negative behavior.
  • Affordable - Tribemine is affordable and will always be.

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