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Date: 27 September 2019

buttons swapped around Reorganizing

We've moved the primary menu buttons around to make the "My Network" page the home page. Previously the Interactions page was the home page. The reason for this is that most users will most probably want to log in to manage their network and then log out again. We will most probably be adding a setting that will allow each user to customize their home page if the community of users confirm that this feature would be useful.

Date: 8 August 2019

bounties are now part of tribemine Introducing: Bounties

Bounties are rewards posted for an introduction to a person in a particular industry, position or location. Simply go to the Bounties page and set up a bounty, offering a reward (not cash, but something that others may find valuable or useful) for an introduction. Interested parties can then submit their offers and you get to choose one. Once the introduction is made and you have verified that the person making the introduction did indeed have a close enough relationship with the person introduced, you can send or transfer the reward to them. Both parties get to rate one another on the transaction. This is just one more way Tribemine is trying to help you get connected to the people you need in your network.

Update: We have shelved the Bounty system to test it out at a later date.

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