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Trepspace Membership is


It is our plan to offer a free membership for Tribemine with restrictions on many premium features. You will be able to upgrade to a paid, premium account, however, to unlock all of the features. The free membership will provide suitable functionality for most people, however. Bear in mind that third party advertising will be displayed in the members' area if you are a free member. We also have bills to pay.
On-Site Connections 200 Unlimited
Off-Site Connections 100 Unlimited
Off-Site Network Import/Export
Create Groups
Create Events
Create Goals
Third Party Advertising
Access to Network Designer
CRM Relationship Builder

At present (and until our active membership reaches 100 - and have already signed up) all new users will automatically be upgraded to the Super User package. This exclusive level gives you access to ALL FEATURES as well as to some that are available only to Super Users. This level is free and you will never have to pay for Tribemine membership as long as you maintain your membership. However, only 100 new members will be given this upgrade.

Users 101 to 1100 Pay Just $9.99** for 3 MONTHS

After we launch Tribemine, the first 1000 members will pay ONLY $9.99** every 3 MONTHS. That translates to around $3.33 per month. This will be the price you pay for as long as you are a member. The price will never go up for you.

Users 1101+ Pay Just $9.99** PER MONTH

Once we have reached out 1100th member, all new members after that will pay $9.99** PER MONTH, which is still really inexpensive. And, as with our other promotional prices, if you sign up at this price point, the price will never increase for you, even as we continue to improve Tribemine and add new features.

What About a Guarantee?
100% money-back guarantee
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Our guarantee is simple. If you sign up for a paid package and you don't think it's worth the money with a month of registration, contact us and we'll refund the package price in full***. No questions asked.
* See Customer Agreement for conditions.
** VAT will be added to this price if applicable.
*** If you paid VAT on top of the package price, we won't be able to refund the VAT, however.

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