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Why add promotion tools to a networking platform? Surely networking is not about selling. Networking is all about building long-term, supportive relationships and not just trying to sell more, right?

That is true - on paper - and while building long-term relationships is important, the cold, hard fact is that business is all about increasing the bottom line. Perhaps you are like many business people out there who feel that the benefits of networking are too remote to warrant spending much time on it. You have bills to pay. You have a business to build. You need to sell more and you can't do that effectively through networking - or so you think!

But, what if you could?

What if you could build up a supportive network AND have your business and/or products promoted BY YOUR FELLOW TRIBEMINE MEMBERS IN A NON-SLEAZY WAY?

Networking is (or, should be) about helping others. While people don't need support all the time, almost everyone will be extremely grateful for some free promotion. So, we decided to integrate this essential facet of business into Tribemine.

So, if you promote others on Tribemine, you will get promoted in return. Simple reciprocity, baked into the platform.

So, how does it work?

Let's Get Promotion Out in The Open

Many people try to sneak marketing and promotion into their networking efforts, knowing that if they can disguise it enough so that those they are talking to won't recoil at being "pitched to", they might get some sales out of it. However, doing this is a very "hit-and-miss" affair.

We use a different tack on Tribemine. We EMBRACE pitching and selling, but in a non-sleazy, subtle way. We have built promotional tools into the platform so that all members have an opportunity to promote their offerings to their networks and the world at large. And we have done this is a way that makes creating and managing promotional material is easy.

promote your business on Tribemine's marketplace
advertise with your promotion
Just Set Up Your Promotion. Let Tribemine Do the Rest!

That's right. No keyword research or SEO. No expensive software or experts. Every member gets to create a promotion that can be used to advertise their business, a special promotion, a discount or anything else business related. This promotion is then displayed

  • on the Marketplace page (there is a members only and a public version of the page)
  • on your Profile page (so when people look at your profile they can see what you offer)
  • on the public Directory page
  • on the core pages inside the website like the "My CRM", "My Network" and "Conversations" pages.

Using the promotion tool is free, and although members with higher ratings will appear more often, everyone get's seen.

The Marketplace pages are the primary promotional portals on the site and we encourage all members to search there for products and services that they need themselves before looking anywhere else. That way, we can all support one another.

The Catch? You Have to Help Promote Others to Help Yourself.

In order for you to get the benefits of the promotion tools built into Tribemine, we ask that you do your part to support your fellow members. You can do so in the following ways.

  • Direct promotion - Every member of Tribemine gets to create one promotion or advert, which gets displayed on the Marketplace pages (one inside the site for members and the other outside for the public). You can help fellow members by sending the link for their promotion to people you know via email and on social media who you think may benefit from what your fellow member has to offer. If they click on the link, not only does the promotion's owner get eyeballs on their offering but you get rewarded with points and a bump in your Reputation Score. Plus, the person you help gets to see that you helped them out - which should lead to them (hopefully) returning the favor.
  • Link a promotion to yours - You can link another member's promotion to yours by linking it on the "Marketplace" page. Linking a promotion will display their advert directly below yours wherever yours appears. The person whose promotion you link to your will be informed of your support, allowing them to return the favor or give you one or more kudos.
  • Push their promotion - To really help other members out, you can promote products and/or services that you like and endorse by copying and pasting the "Push" image and text they provide into your social media or on your website.

promotions on pages
Promotion adverts are automatically displayed on core pages (above).
pushing promotions
Promotions of other members can be linked to your promotions (above).
add a testimonial
But, There's More

Beyond your promotions (advertising), Tribemine incorporates other ways to help promote your fellow members;

  • Give an endorsement - By adding a connection (On or Off-Site) to your Endorsement Page, you endorse them as a reliable, friendly and efficient service provider or vendor. Your endorsements can be viewed on your publicly accessible Endorsements Page, using a unique link that you can send via e-mail or post on social media to anyone you know who is looking for quality products and services. This helps your endorsed connections, who can find more clients, as well as yourself, as you earn rewards for your actions.

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