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What to look forward to on tribemine.com ...

Below are the features and enhancements we plan on including in tribemine.com over the coming months and years. Please note that what follows is merely our plan and we cannot guarantee that these features will be rolled out or, if they are, that they will be rolled out in the order presented below. However, it gives you an idea as to where we are heading.

Coming Soon
(within 1 year after official launch)


Tribes special groups that will be set up by thought leaders and mentors, who will post unique content and interact with members of their tribe. Tribe leaders will share in the spoils by being paid 50% of the premium membership fee of each and every member of their tribe (above a particular threshold). Members will be allowed to join one tribe at a time and will be able to change tribes only once per month. These are just ideas at present but watch this space for more details.


Gazette through which users can publish articles about a particular subject to illustrate their expertise and share helpful information with others. Authors of gazette articles can post them to a public facing feed that will allow anyone to view the content.


Goals and Targets integrating tried and tested time management methods to help you get more out of every day. Includes email (and eventually smartphone) "nagging".


Power Calendar unlike any other available and integrated with all other tribemine.com features to provide a comprehensive overview of each day.


Motivation Engine that allows you to design your own motivation regime that lifts your spirits when you need it most.


Level Unlocks that open up new and powerful tools for users who build up their reputations and ascend the level hierarchy.


Badges for achievements and goals/targets met that unlock special features, prizes or resources.


Super Users experts, gurus and thought leaders that will be able to access all activity in their region and will be able to offer online training, e-books, consultations and access to seminars (at discounted rates) to members.


Meetup Tools that allow higher level members to set up a meetup, seminar, get-together or other event for other members and then invite others according to industry, location, connection or a combination of these.
A Little Further Out
1 to 2 years after official launch


Core App that allows members to use critical functions of tribemine.com on their smartphone or tablet.


Startup Planner/Auditor, an online comprehensive and interactive checklist and process system for new startups to help them establish robust and viable businesses. It will function as an audit system for established businesses who want to verify that they have covered every aspect of their business.


Online Mall, a powerful e-commerce solution allowing members to sell to one another and to the public through tribemine.com, offering various delivery methods and providing specialized and easy-to-use delivery, tracking and return tools.


Internationalization, rolling tribemine.com out to accommodate Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and perhaps others.


Integrated Bookkeeping System that automatically tracks income and expenses and automatically compiles financial records ready for download by your accountant/bookkeeper.


Legal Portal through which members will be able to build effective contracts and other basic legal documents online as well as get access to legal experts in their region at discounted rates.


Trepspace University where entrepreneurs will be able to take short, affordable and to-the-point online business courses by experienced and knowledgeable trainers who will provide a comprehensive grounding in starting and running business, including marketing, finance, bookkeeping, basic business law, website development and deployment, e-commerce and more.
Big Dreams
2+ years out


Payment Platform an integrated payment solution allowing tribemine.com members in any country that membership is available in to accept all major payment methods for their business with the lowest fees and without having to jump through hoops.


Online Business Simulator, intended to appeal to older children and teenagers so they can learn how business works in the real world - and combined with action-packed and strategy elements to make it exhilarating to play. Think monopoly meets Risk meets Battlefield!