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Business and Online Tools

The tools below are free, although the onus rests on you to confirm this when using any of them.
Please Note: we do not record any values you enter into this page and do not ask for any identifying information. However, bear in mind that you use this tool and its results and interpretations at your own risk. All rights reserved.
Blogging and Blogging Ideas
Google Trends
Google trend tracking interface. Gives you all the data you need to find and follow trends.

Social Mention
Finding out what is being discussed on social media is really important and this FREE site will help you discover what is being said and by who. It's a great place to find out what's popular.
Keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Neil Patel's Ubersuggest
An awesome FREE tool that lets you get keyword suggestions, including volume, CPC and competition data.

Neil Patel's SEO Analyzer
Another awesome FREE tool from Neil Patel, this one will analyze your website to rate all manner of SEO rated spects thereof.

Code Editor
If you need a decent online code editor (html, javascript, php and 72 other languages) with code completion, linting, zen code support,code beautify and loads more. It is very useful and surprisingly feature-rich. There is a very capable free version or you can unlock additional features for between $2 and $40 per month. The Freelancer package ($7 per month) is perfect for most coders. We use this as a backup editor when we are away from the office.
Text Tools
Microsoft Word to HTML Converter
If you write text for website copy or blogs in Microsoft Word, you will know what a mess it ends up being when you try to add it to a web page. This handy FREE tool allows you to strip out the excess unseen tags and format the text nicely for insertion into a web page.
Image Manipulation and Artwork
Gravit Designer
A fantastic FREE online image editor and latout app that rivals many paid solutions. What is more, it can be downloaded to your computer for free.

An easy-to-use online image creation tool that makes making images for blogs and social media easy as pie. It contains thousands of images and templates that make creating artwork super-easy. There is a free version, which is good enough. But if you use canva.com regularly, it's worth upgrading to the Canva fo Work package at $12.95 per month.

Pixabay Free Images
A really huge collection of great images that can be used free of charge in your social media posts and blogs.

Unsplash High Quality Free Photos
A huge catalogue of FREE high quality photographs that can be used in your work, or just as desktop images.

Imgur Free Images
Another great source for free images.

Tool to Reduce Image Size
An awesome FREE tool that allows you to reduce the size of images you create in other online software. This is really helpful for keeping we page sizes down to a minimum.
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