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tribemine.com vs. LinkedIn

It is an undisputed fact that LinkedIn rules the online networking space but how does tribemine.com stack up?
We have done a feature by feature comparison below, with a particular emphasis on benefits to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Personal Profile
Recommendations, Endorsements and/or Testimonials
Network Tools
CSV Contact File Upload
Can Download Contact Details
Automated Networking Connections
Accountability Partners
Local Business Search
CRM (Contact Relationshp Manager)
Create and Manage Connections Groups
Referral Tool
Business Directory for Members and Non-Members
Premium Members Can Advertise to Free Members and to Public
Can Send Unsolicited Emails
Lowest Monthly Membership Price US$14.99 US$59.99
Membership Numbers Not many yet 562 million
= kind of


While we realise that LinkedIn will remain the dominant player in the online networking space for the foreseeable future, we hope to demonstrate to business people in general and small business owners/entrepreneurs in particular that tribemine.com can be a viable, useful alternative (or compliment) to building and managing a network of contacts and connections.

Even if you are an avid fan of LinkedIn, we hope that you will see that tribemine.com is worth trying out. It's free and full of tools that LinedIn is lacking - especially if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur.

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