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Using Tribemine with LinkedIn

It is an undisputed fact that LinkedIn rules the online networking space. But how does Tribemine stack up when compared to it? And, more importantly, how can they be used together?

Feature Comparison
We have done a feature by feature comparison below to see where the strengths of each platform lie to find a way to create a symbiosis between the two..
Personal Profile
Recommendations, Endorsements and/or Testimonials
Network Tools
CSV Contact File Upload
Can Download Contact Details
Accountability Partners
Local Business Search
CRM (Contact Relationshp Manager)
Create and Manage Connection Circles
Create and Manage Connection Groups
Referral System
Business Directory for Members and Non-Members
Can Send Unsolicited Emails
Free Membership
= kind of

So How Do You Use Tribemine and LinkedIn together?
Please Note: Tribemine does not automatically allow you to retrieve your connection or contact list from LinkedIn as such behaviour is prohibited by their terms and conditions. Instead, you can easily export a spreadsheet file from LinkedIn containing the basic information of all of your connections and then simply import it into Tribemine (see below).
export linkedin connections diagram

If you are reading this, you most probably have a profile on LinkedIn. As you know, although LinkedIn has some basic networking tools, it is by no means an effective networking platform. Wouldn't it be a great if you could create a record of each connection you have on LinkedIn somewhere that would allow you to track and build your relationships with each and every connection? Luckily, Tribemine is just that place.

Copying Your Connections List From LinkedIn Into Tribemine

To copy the basic information of each of your connections on LinkedIn into Tribemine, simply follow these steps;

Step 1: Export Connection List
export connection file from linkedin

Navigate to the page where you manage your contacts in LinkedIn (see image, left) and click the "Export Contacts" link. It may take a few minutes for the file to be generated but you will be informed when it is ready. You can then save the file to your computer.

Step 2: Import Connection List Into Tribemine
import connection file on Tribemine

Log into your Tribemine account and navigate to your Import page. Then select the file on your computer and click the "Submit File". Your connections will then be imported into Tribemine. You have an opportunity to exclude the records you do not want to import, after which a profile is created for each person on your list.

Step 3: View Your Off-Site Connections
view and manage imported connections

Once imported, you can jump to the My CRM page to manage each of your connection profiles.

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